Get Into the Club: Positioning a Developing Country in the International eGov Research

Maria Alexandra Cunha, Taiane Ritta Coelho, Erico Przeybilovicz


The aim of this paper is to suggest alternatives for positioning a developing country in the international eGov research. We conducted a literature review, examining both Brazilian and international publications. We analyzed the domain of collaboration in the field through a social network analysis of authors, institutions and countries. Our study identified that the discussions concerning eGov are predominant; there is more intense collaboration in the network of institutions than of authors; the co-authorship network reflects the existence of a select number of central authors and, not surprisingly, the study of eGov is centralized in the USA and UK. This study complements previous studies and provides further understanding on how authors, institutions and countries cooperate. The findings of the study are not limited to Brazil, other countries that have barriers to internalization of research can benefit from the data. 


electronic government; bibliometric study; social network analysis;international eGov research

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The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries.
ISSN: 1681-4835