Vol 80 (2017)

In this 80th volume of papers published by EJISDC, we present eight new papers. Many of the papers come from and describe situations in South Africa. Other countries represented are Malaysia and Thailand, with one study relating to the Global South.


Table of Contents

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.

Research Papers

An Investigation into the ICT Vendor – Value Added Reseller Partnership Satisfaction in South Africa PDF
Ishmael Hassa, Maureen Tanner # of downloads: 195

An exploratory analysis to employees and customers’ responses in determining the technological innovativeness of banks PDF
Asare Yaw Obeng, Peter L Mkhize # of downloads: 163

A Causal Relationship Model of the Influence of Information Technology Governance Processes on the Benefits Received by Thai Public Companies PDF
Wilai Sunthonwutinun, Vasin Chooprayoon # of downloads: 175

Exploring Digital Archive System to Develop Digitally Resilient Youths from Marginalised Communities in South Africa PDF
Dennis M Ochieng, Oludayo O Olugbara, Monique M Marks # of downloads: 117

Researching the Emergence of 3D Printing, Makerspaces, Hackerspaces and FabLabs in the Global South: A Scoping Review and Research Agenda on Digital Innovation and Fabrication Networks PDF
Ryoung Seo-Zindy, Richard Heeks # of downloads: 379

A Strategy for a Cybersecurity Culture: A South African Perspective PDF
Noluxolo Gcaza, Rossouw von Solms # of downloads: 200

E-government Implementation Challenges in Malaysia and South Korea: A Comparative Study PDF
Razlini Mohd Ramli # of downloads: 233

Alignment of Human Competencies with Mobile Technology and Business Strategies in Women-Led SMEs PDF
Deborah Olufunmilola Ajumobi, Michael Kyobe # of downloads: 167

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