Vol 42 (2010)

In this regular volume of EJISDC we present eight papers.

In the first paper, Ellahi and Manarvi explore conditions underlying the acceptance of computer-based information systems by police officers in Pakistan.

In the second paper, Abukhzam and Lee investigate the factors determining bank staff attitude towards the adoption of e-banking systems in Libya, where there is considerable employee resistance to the adoption of new technology.

In the third paper, Sife, Kiondo and Lyimo-Macha document the contributions that mobile phones can bring to rural livelihoods thereby alleviating poverty, with a case study of the situation in Tanzania.

In the fourth paper, Li and Rao explore the role that Twitter can play as a rapid response news service, focusing on the immediate aftermath of the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan, China.

In the fifth paper, Mensah, Duncan and Annku explore the role of land information systems in managing challenges associated with speculative developments on land set aside for development.

In the sixth paper, Duncan, Kuma and Avane demonstrate how large sets of remotely sensed data (e.g. from satellites) can be processed to as to reveal land surface deformation due to surface mining. However, subsequent analysis of the data so as to avoid potential slope failure is very difficult.

In the seventh paper, Musa, Oyebisi and Babalola evaluate the effect of ICT on the quality of quantity surveying services in Nigeria using the SERVQUAL model. They find that ICT positively affects the quality of services provided.

In the last paper, Yates and Shapiro demonstrate how a sustainable legal information system can be established in the context of developing countries, with specific examples based on their worn in Afghanistan and Azerbaijan.

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Practitioner Papers

Enhanced Land Documentation For Farmland Compensation - A Case Study Of UMaT Lands, Postulated Challenges and Solutions. PDF
A.A. Mensah, Edward Eric Duncan, M.F. Annku # of downloads: 2758

Surface Deformation Monitoring in the Goldfields Ghana Limited Area. PDF
Edward Eric Duncan, J.S. Kuma, G. Avane # of downloads: 3029

Establishing a Sustainable Legal Information System in a Developing Country: A Practical Guide PDF
Kenneth A. Yates, Charles E. Shapiro # of downloads: 4408

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.


Understanding Attitudes Towards Computer Use in the Police Department of Pakistan PDF
Abida Ellahi, Irfan Manarvi # of downloads: 20688

Factors Affecting Bank Staff Attitude Towards E-Banking Adoption in Libya PDF
Mohamed Abukhzam, Angela Lee # of downloads: 11882

Contribution of Mobile Phones to Rural Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction in Morogoro Region, Tanzania PDF
Alfred Said Sife, Elizabeth Kiondo, Joyce G. Lyimo-Macha # of downloads: 28743

Twitter as a Rapid Response News Service: An Exploration in the Context of the 2008 China Earthquake PDF
Jessica Li, H.R. Rao # of downloads: 9109

A Study of the Impact of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) on the Quality of Quantity Surveying Services in Nigeria PDF
Nofiu Abiodun Musa, T.O. Oyebisi, M.O. Babalola # of downloads: 12633

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