Vol 43 (2010)

In this regular volume of EJISDC, we present 7 papers.

In the first paper, Mengesha considers the interpretations and subsequent actions of key stakeholder groups towards open source software (OSS) during the implementation of an OSS-based IS in a public sector organization in Ethiopia.

In the second paper, Emmanuel and N report on a study study conducted to design a mobile user interface for users in a rural community in South Africa, drawing on user-centred design methods.

In the third paper, Ngugi, Pelowski and Ogembo review key factors that have led to the phenomenal growth in mobile cash in Kenya.

In the fourth paper, Nyella and Mndeme examine the dialectic power relations between actors involved in Health Information Systems integration that result from the asymmetric ownership and control of resources and rules.

In the fifth paper, Terry and Gomez provide a qualitative analysis of the benefits of ICT and the barriers facing women to fully realize those benefits drawing on data from a large study of public access venues in 25 developing countries globally.

In the sixth paper, Lwoga takes a qualitative approach to look at public access ICTs (telecenters and rural radio) in Tanzania relevant to poor farmers. She assesses their knowledge and information services that focus on supporting farming activities of small-scale farmers, use of telecenters and barriers faced by telecenters in their knowledge and information services.

In the last paper, Foster and Heeks examine the current state of knowledge on ICT micro-enterprise in developing countries and provide guidance for future research.

Table of Contents

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The Role of Technological Frames of Key Groups in Open Source Software Implementation in a Developing Country Context PDF
Nigussie Tadesse Mengesha # of downloads: 3207

A User Interface for Micro-Entrepreneurs in a Rural Community PDF
Edim Azom Emmanuel, Muyingi Hippolyte N. # of downloads: 4282

M-Pesa: A Case Study of the Critical Early Adopters’ Role in the Rapid Adoption of Mobile Money Banking in Kenya PDF
Benjamin Ngugi, Matthew Pelowski, Javier Gordon Ogembo # of downloads: 8222

Power Tensions in Health Information System Integration in Developing Countries: The Need for Distributed Control PDF PDF
Edwin E Nyella, Mathew Mndeme # of downloads: 1868

Gender and Public Access Computing: An International Perspective PDF
Allison Terry, Ricardo Gomez # of downloads: 3292

Bridging the Agricultural Knowledge and Information Divide: The Case of Selected Telecenters and Rural Radio in Tanzania PDF
Edda Tandi Lwoga # of downloads: 5383

Researching ICT Micro-Enterprise in Developing Countries: Themes, Wider Concepts and Future Directions PDF
Christopher Foster, Richard Heeks # of downloads: 3795

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