Vol 45 (2011)

Volume 45 contains six regular papers.

In the first paper, Selvan, Arasu and Sivagnanasundaram consider the adoption of Internet banking in India and find that overall attitude about electronic channels can be an antecedent predictor in the case of attitude towards internet banking.

In the second paper, Harris and Harris examine how ICTs have contributed to the social development of a rural indigenous ethnic community. They focus on the benefits of ICTs in recording and passing on their unique culture and traditions, something that is of considerable importance to the community. The research builds an understanding of the nature of cultural transmission within an indigenous community in East Malaysia and demonstrates how ICTs can bridge the digital divide by accentuating the importance of family, friends and other social interactions within a community in strengthening the processes of cultural transmission.

In the third paper, Masiero examines and financial and social aspects of telecentre sustainability through a case study of the Akshaya Telecentre project in Kerala, India and propose a new paradigm for telecentre studies in which social and financial sustainability are interlinked by mutual reinforcement.

In the fourth paper, Guclu and Bilgen describe a strategic management model, as applied to government information technologies, in the context of the Ministry of Finance, Turkey.

In the fifth paper, Graham examines the way in which the Internet can be leveraged in order to expand markets and disintermediate commodity chains in the context of the Thai silk industry.

In the final paper, Ellahi and Mushtaq identify the factors associated with the knowledge sharing behaviour of bloggers in Pakistan.

Table of Contents

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Role of existing channels on customer adoption of new channels: A case of ATM and Internet banking PDF
Thamaraiselvan Natarajan, Senthil Arasu Blasubramanian, Sivagnanasundaram Manickavasagam # of downloads: 3139

Information and Communication Technologies for Cultural Transmission among Indigenous Peoples PDF
Charlotte A Harris, Roger W Harris # of downloads: 4813

Financial vs. social sustainability of telecentres: mutual exclusion or mutual reinforcement? PDF
Silvia Masiero # of downloads: 3866

Modelling and Assessment of the Effectiveness of Government Information Technologies - Value Space Approach with a Public Sector Case Study in Turkey PDF
Aydin Nusret Guclu, Semih Bilgen # of downloads: 2983

Disintermediation, Altered Chains and Altered Geographies: The Internet in the Thai Silk Industry PDF
Mark Graham # of downloads: 4881

Probing Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Behaviour of Pakistani Bloggers PDF
Abida Ellahi, Rabia Mushtaq # of downloads: 3392

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