Vol 47 (2011)

Volume 47 of EJISDC contains eight papers, spanning Fiji, Nigeria, Jordan, Oman, Brazil, Ghana and Saudi Arabia.

In the first paper, Prasad considers how IT creates business value in the Least Developed Economies – and how this value can be evaluated. Based on analysis of data collected from five LDEs, he shows that organizations that invest in IT and related complementarities do improve their business processes and that these lead to overall business processes improvements.

In the second paper, Bankole, Bankole and Brown study the adoption of mobile banking in Nigeria with a cross-sectional survey of current mobile banking adopters.

In the third paper, Halaweh takes an interpretive approach to examine security challenges associated with the adoption of e-commerce in Jordan.

In the fourth paper, Ashrafi examined the strategic value of IT for private sector firms in Oman. The results broadly mirror those that would be expected in more developed economies, though some notable differences are highlighted.

In the fifth paper, Vreuls and Joia develop an exploratory model for the relevant factors related to the professional performance of the Brazilian CIO. Survey data from 111 Brazilian CIOs is analysed. The results suggest that Brazilian CIOs have similar skills to those of CIOs in developed countries.

In the sixth paper, Salia, Msowah-Nuamah and Steel examine the effects of mobile phone use on the livelihoods of artisanal fishing in Ghana. The authors demonstrate that mobile phone use among fishermen has improved their businesses relations and livelihoods.

In the seventh paper, AlGhamdi, Drew and Al-Ghaith identify the factors influencing e-commerce adoption in Saudi Arabia. They find that while ICT adoption in the country has been rapid, e-commerce adoption is much slower. Reasons for this slow rate of adoption are explored in details, following cultural, business and technical approaches.

In the last paper, Frempong documents the development of an information society in Ghana. He finds that while Ghana compares favourably with other African nations, there is a lack of underlying resources to support future development.

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Understanding IT Business Value Creation in Least Developed Economies PDF
Acklesh Prasad # of downloads: 1768

Mobile Banking Adoption in Nigeria PDF
Felix Olu Bankole, Omolola Ola Bankole, Irwin Brown # of downloads: 6220

Adoption of E-commerce: Understanding of Security Challenge PDF
Mohanad Halaweh # of downloads: 3377

Strategic value of IT in Private Sector Organisations in a Developing Country: Oman PDF
Rafi Ashrafi # of downloads: 2126

An Exploratory Model for the Relevant Factors Related to the Professional Performance of the Brazilian CIO PDF
Etienne Hubert Vreuls, Luiz Antonio Joia # of downloads: 2026

Effects of Mobile Phone Use on Artisanal Fishing Market Efficiency and Livelihoods in Ghana PDF
Mahamadu Salia, Nicholas N. N. Nsowah-Nuamah, William F. Steel # of downloads: 4254

Factors Influencing E-Commerce Adoption by Retailers in Saudi-Arabia: A Qualitative Analysis PDF
Rayed AlGhamdi, Steve Drew, Waleed Al-Ghaith # of downloads: 5229

Developing Information Society in Ghana: How Far? PDF
Godfred Frempong # of downloads: 3042

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