Vol 48 (2011)

Volume 48 of EJISDC contains eight papers reporting research that spans Malawi, India, Mexico, Ethiopia, Zanzibar and Tanzania with applications in Health IS, eGovernment, Agriculture, human deveopment and the Computing Curriculum.

In the first paper, Chipo Kanjo highlights the factors affecting Health IS use in an interpretive case study from Malawi that examines secual reproductive health and rights.

In the second paper, Sein examines the critical role of e-government intermediaries in developing countries, where citizens often lack the basic means of accessing Internet-provided services.

In the third paper, Kameswari, Kishore and Gupta report on the availability, use and information seeking behaviour of a farming community in rural North India.

In the fourth paper, Santibáñez and Castillo analyze the effects of changes in the purchase of computer equipment and peripherals on exports by various classes of the Mexican manufacturing industry.

In the fifth paper, Bass and Heeks investigate how changes are taking place in the computing curricula of universities in developing countries in response to advances in ICT, focusing on the higher education sector in Ethiopia.

In the sixth paper, Sheikh and Braa consider the problem of health IS sustainability in developing countries, with a specific focus on the role of communities of practice in Zanzibar.

In the seventh paper, Furuholt and Matotay investigate how mobile phones are providing value to rural farmers in Tanzania.

In the eighth paper, Bankole, Shirazi and Brown investigate the impact of ICT investments on human development, in particular the relationships between different dimensions of ICT investment and the components of human development.

Table of Contents

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Pragmatism or Policy: Implications on Health Information Systems Success PDF
Chipo Kanjo # of downloads: 2734

The “I” between G and C: E-Government Intermediaries in Developing Countries PDF
Maung Kyaw Sein # of downloads: 2718

ICTs for Agricultural Extension: A Study in the Indian Himalayan Region PDF
Vyakaranam L.V. Kameswari, Devash Kishore, Vinita Gupta # of downloads: 13948

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Mexican Manufacturing Exports PDF
Ana Valderrama, Omar Neme # of downloads: 2408

Changing Computing Curricula in African Universities: Evaluating Progress and Challenges via Design-Reality Gap Analysis PDF
Julian Bass, Richard Heeks # of downloads: 4396

Mobilising Local Networks of Implementers to Address Health Information Systems Sustainability PDF
Yahya Hamad Sheikh, Kristin Braa # of downloads: 2546

The Developmental Contribution from Mobile Phones Across the Agricultural Value Chain in Rural Africa PDF
Bjorn Furuholt, Edmund Matotay # of downloads: 9697

Investigating the Impact of ICT Investments on Human Development PDF
Felix Olu Bankole, Farid Shirazi, Irwin Brown # of downloads: 4277

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