Vol 49 (2011)

Vol 49 contains five papers selected as 'best papers' from among those presented at the IFIP WG 9.4 conference in Kathmandu, Nepal, in May 2011.

In the first paper, Thapa reports on an investigation into the role of ICT actors associated with the Nepal Wireless Networking Project in the Myagdi District of Nepal. The project was started by an activist in one village - and has now spread to 150 villages. Implications for both research and practice are discussed.

In the second paper, Gomez and Barn-Porras consider the relationship between public access computing and community develop in the context of libraries, telecentres and cybercafes in Colombia. The authors find that personal friendship and sense of belonging to a global community are more likely to emerge than community development.

In the third paper, Briggs and Brooks examine the institutional arrangements in the development of Nigeria’s electronic payment system from a new institutional economics perspective. The study suggests that technological standards must be matched by administrative arrangements that inspire confidence.

In the fourth paper, Avgerou, Li and Poulymenakou present and discuss a case of intense entrepreneurial activity in a Chinese community, engaging in e-commerce trading conducted on a platform of internet tools that enacts online social networking mechanisms of peer-to-peer and vendor-customer interactions.

In the fifth paper, Chigona, Lekwane, Westcott and Chigona explore the use of shared access points to the Internet in the wake of the increasing diffusion and usage of mobile technology in the context of a disadvantaged community in Cape Town, South Africa.

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The Role of ICT Actors and Networks in Development: The Case Study of a Wireless Project in Nepal PDF
Devinder Thapa # of downloads: 4301

Does Public Access Computing Really Contribute to Community Development? Lessons from Libraries, Telecenters and Cybercafés in Colombia PDF
Ricardo Gomez, Luis Fernando Baron-Porras # of downloads: 2284

Electronic Payment Systems Development in a Developing Country: The Role of Institutional Arrangements PDF
Austin Briggs, Laurence Brooks # of downloads: 22481

Exploring the Socio-Economic Structures of Internet-Enabled Development: A Study of Grassroots Netrepreneurs in China PDF
Chrisanthi Avgerou, Boyi Li, Angeliki Poulymenakou # of downloads: 2841

Uses, Benefits and Challenges of Public Access Points in the Face of Growth of Mobile Technology PDF
Wallace Chigona, Ofentse Lekwane, Kim Westcott, Agnes Chigona # of downloads: 2499

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