Vol 52 (2012)

Volume 52 of the journal contains eight papers from South Africa, Uganda, Australia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, India and Thailand.

In the first paper, Gomez, Pather and Dosono assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of telecenters and cybercafés and their contribution to community development in South Africa.

In the second paper, Nchise, Boateng, Shu and Mbarika explore the preliminary lessons in the use of mobile phones to promote access to health care information in Uganda and suggest that the need to access health information via mobile text messages is mediated by cost incentives, misconceptions of brand name, and content relevance.

In the third paper, Grant-Smith and Johnson draw on the experiences of a community mapping project with disadvantaged communities in suburban Australia to highlight the importance of selecting tools and techniques which support and enhance participatory planning.

In the fourth paper, Abdelghaffar research investigates how environmental and organizational factors affect the success of ERP implementation in developing countries with focus on the organizations working in Egypt.

In the fifth paper, Effah uses an actor-network theory lens within an interpretive case study to understand how funeral culture was mobilized for an e-business venture in Ghana.

In the sixth paper, Ogembo, Ngugi and Pelowski investigate the outstanding challenges facing the computerization of primary schools in rural Kenya, considering the results of a survey of 37 primary schools.

In the seventh paper, Rao examines the role of Right-to-Information-related online discussion groups, known as ‘sister-groups’, and their offline networks in generating collaborations towards short term collective actions in India.

In the eighth paper, Tantisajjatham focuses on how inner characteristics and personalities affect IT professionals and their career paths in Thailand.

Table of Contents

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Research Papers

Public Access Computing in South Africa: Old Lessons and New Challenges PDF
Ricardo Gomez, Shaun Pather, Bryan Dosono # of downloads: 2819

Mobile Phones in Health Care in Uganda: The AppLab Study PDF
Abinwi C Nchise, Richard Boateng, Ignatius Shu, Victor Mbarika # of downloads: 3354

Mapping Local Solutions to Entrenched Transport Problems: Key Lessons Regarding the Use of Geographical Information Technologies in Community Mapping with Disadvantaged Communities PDF
Deanna C Grant-Smith, Laurel Johnson # of downloads: 1987

Success Factors for ERP Implementation in Large Organizations: The Case of Egypt PDF
Hany Abdelghaffar # of downloads: 3346

Mobilizing Culture for E-Business in Developing Countries: An Actor Network Theory Account PDF
John Effah # of downloads: 4518

Computerizing Primary Schools in Rural Kenya: Outstanding Challenges and Possible Solutions PDF
Javier Gordon Ogembo, Benjamin K Ngugi, Matthew Pelowski # of downloads: 4130

“Sister-Groups” and Online-Offline Linkages in Networked Collective Action: A Case Study of the Right to Information Movement in India PDF
Anuradha Rao # of downloads: 2334

An Effective Model for Successful IT Professionals in Thailand PDF
Pravate Tantisajjatham # of downloads: 2245

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