Vol 53 (2012)

In this issue, we present six research papers from South Africa (2), Malawi, Uganda, Tajikistan. The final paper examines cartographic maps as a medium of communication in the context of welfare and poverty.

In the first paper, Makoza and Chigona report on a study of the impact of using Information and Communication Technologies on the livelihoods of microenterprises in South Africa. They note the challenges of ICT use and comment that strategies don't always help.

In the second paper, Kanjo describes how knowledge and data generated through traditional health practices with respect to maternal and child health, define and control data quality in health information system in Malawi.

In the third paper, Musiimenta explores the IT-mediated issues that influence the adoption of an IT-assisted sexual health and HIV/AIDS education intervention implemented in Uganda.

In the fourth paper, Latifov and Sahay examine the socio-technical approaches relevant to the design and development of a data warehouse to support the national HIS in Tajikistan.

In the fifth paper, Ogunyemi and Johnston develop and validate a new conceptual readiness framework NOIIE (National e-readiness, Organisational preparedness, Industrial relationships, Internal resistance and External influence), for investigating organisational readiness for emerging technologies and applications, drawing on the context of South African organisations.

In the last paper, Akinyemi, Sester and Balogun investigate the effectiveness of cartographic maps as a medium for communication of information relating to poverty and welfare in different contexts.

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Research Papers

The Livelihood Outcomes of ICT Use in Microenterprises: The Case of South Africa PDF
Frank Makoza, Wallace Chigona # of downloads: 2524

Strengthening the Link between Traditional and Modern Practices for improving Data Quality in Health information systems: The Case of Malawi PDF
Chipo Kanjo # of downloads: 1877

Information Technology-Mediated Issues in Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Education PDF
Angella Musiimenta # of downloads: 1600

Data Warehouse Approach to Strengthen Actionability of Health Information Systems: Experiences from Tajikistan PDF
Murodillo Abdusamadovich Latifov, Sundeep Sahay # of downloads: 1709

Towards an Organisational Readiness Framework for Emerging Technologies: An Investigation of Antecedents for South African Organisations' Readiness for Server Virtualisation PDF
Abiodun A Ogunyemi, Kevin Allan Johnston # of downloads: 1892

Communicating Information for Development: A Cartographic Approach PDF
Felicia Olufunmilayo Akinyemi, Monika Sester, Olayinka Y Balogun # of downloads: 2119

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