Vol 54 (2012)

In this regular issue of the journal, we publish eight papers on the following topics: e-Commerce in Saudi Arabia; an IS curriculum in Botswana; e-Government service quality in Saudi Arabia; the use of pigeons for networking; 3D city modeling in Ghana, Nigeria and Malaysia; Black economic scorecards in South Africa; a comparison of ICT adoption/use in Thailand and Vietnam; and the implementation of e-health records in Bangladesh.

In the first paper, Alqahtani, Al-Badi and Mayhew undertake a grounded theory investigation into the main factors that influence the adoption of E-Commerce from a consumer’s perceptive in Saudi Arabia.

In the second paper, Ayalew, Renken, Mgaya and Nkgau describe the approach taken to develop a contextualized undergraduate IS curriculum in a highly interdisciplinary African university where there were three undergraduate IS programs.

In the third paper, Alanezi, Mahmood and Basri explore qualitatively the dimensions that contribute to e-government service quality, or have the capacity to detract from website support, in the context of Saudi Arabia.

In the fourth paper, Scholl and Lindgren propose using live carrier pigeons as a substitute for people in the transportation of Delay Tolerant Networking data, for instance in situations where the demand for this transport exceeds the human capacity available.

In the fifth paper, Duncan, Eluwa and Musibau examine the impact of horizontal urbanization and its associated effects in terms of infrastructure, planning and congestion in two West African cities. They also compare this situation with that in Malaysia, where a more vertical and organized approach to urbanization is taken.

In the sixth paper, Mohapi conceptualises the critical role that the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) scorecard has played in the development of influential Black decision makers; in addition, the paper seeks to understand the influencing dynamics BEE has had towards IT Governance in South African organizations.

In the seventh paper, Winley and Lau compare the adoption and use of ICT in Vietnam and Thailand by examining the nature and structure of the IT profession in medium to large size organizations.

In the last paper, Khan, Shahid, Hedstrom and Andersson explore physicians’ hopes and fears for implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in Bangladeshi hospitals. Physician skepticism is a major reason for the low level of use found.

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Research Papers

The Enablers and Disablers of E-Commerce: Consumers’ Perspectives PDF
Mohammed A. Alqahtani, Ali Hamad Al-Badi, Pam J. Mayhew # of downloads: 4077

Developing a Contextualized Information Systems Curriculum for an Emerging Economy PDF
Yirsaw Ayalew, Jaco Renken, Klodwig Mgaya, Tallman Nkgau # of downloads: 1862

E-Government Service Quality in Saudi Arabia PDF
Mohammed Ateeq Alanezi, Ahmad Kamil Mahmood, Shuib Basri # of downloads: 2930

Considering Pigeons for Carrying Delay Tolerant Networking based Internet traffic in Developing Countries PDF
Jeremiah Scholl, Anders Lindgren # of downloads: 2975

Urbanization and 3D City Modelling for Developing Countries: A Comparative Study PDF
Edward Eric Duncan, Stephen Eyinnaya Eluwa, Ajagbe Akintunde Musibau # of downloads: 1684

Conceptualising the Effect of the Black Economic Empowerment Score-Card on IT Governance PDF
Mateka Mohapi, Kennedy Njenga # of downloads: 2360

The Adoption and Use of ICT in Thailand and Vietnam PDF
Graham Kenneth Winley, Sim Kim Lau # of downloads: 1797

Hopes and Fears in Implementation of Electronic Health Records in Bangladesh PDF
Sana Z Khan, Zahraa Shahid, Karin Hedstrom, Annika Andersson # of downloads: 2215

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