Vol 56 (2013)

In the first paper, Mtega and Msungu determine the role of specific ICTs in agricultural production and agribusiness and assess the effectiveness of commonly used ICTs in the creation and sharing of agricultural knowledge and information services in Tanzania. Findings show that while farmers prefer communication via mobile phones and radio, researchers and extension workers prefer PC-based Internet connections.

In the second paper, Graham and Mann document a potentially highly transformative moment in East Africa’s history: the arrival of underwater fibre-optic broadband communications cables in Mombasa, Kenya. The authors combine “media content analysis” with “findings from interviews with business owners in Kenya’s nascent business process outsourcing (BPO) and software development sectors” as they explore how technological connectivity is marketed and embedded within economic development.

In the third paper, Gomez, Bayo, Reed, Wang and Silva report on their development and implementation of Fearless Cards, a novel way of communicating basic information in an easy-to-use fashion for underserved populations in order to help them “overcome their fears and lack of self-confidence to learn to use computers and the Internet in ways that help them improve their lives”.

In the fourth paper, Bello-Bravo, Olana, Enyadne and Pittendrigh introduce their work undertaken in and around Adama City in Oromia, Ethiopia where they are deploying video-based educational materials for low-literate learners in a partnership arrangements with local, public and private institutions.

In the fifth paper, Muthiah, Prashant, Umadikar and Karthikeyan describe their experiences from an exploratory implementation of a mobile phone-based multimedia agricultural advisory system, which provides agricultural advice to farmers via their mobile phones.

In the sixth paper, Khedo, Suntoo, Elaheebocus and Mocktoolah investigate the impact of online social networks on adolescents in Mauritius. Both negative and positive experiences are reported from the communication processes for which most respondents use social networks.

In the seventh paper, Touray, Salminen and Mursu review the literature on the barriers to and critical success factors associated with ICTs in developing countries, drawing on data published in 1107 articles from 2000-2011 in the top five journals in the field. They then compare their findings with those obtained through their own case study research to identify patterns and opportunities.

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Research Papers

Using Information and Communication Technologies for Enhancing the Accessibility of Agricultural Information for Improved Agricultural Production in Tanzania PDF
Wulystan Pius Mtega, Andrew Charles Msungu # of downloads: 2701

Imagining a Silicon Savannah? Technological and Conceptual Connectivity in Kenya’s BPO and Software Development Sectors PDF
Mark Graham, Laura Mann # of downloads: 3861

Fearless Cards: a low-tech solution to help overcome emotional barriers to ICT adoption among marginalized populations PDF
Ricardo Gomez, Ivette Bayo, Philip Reed, Cherry (Cong) Wang, Marisol Silva # of downloads: 1676

Scientific Animations without Borders and Communities of Practice: Promotion and Pilot Deployment of Educational Materials for Low Literate Learners around Adama (Ethiopia) by Adama Science and Technology University PDF
Julia Bello-Bravo, Gemechu Waktola Olana, Lemi Guta Enyadne, Barry Robert Pittendrigh # of downloads: 1136

An Exploratory study of Mobile Multimedia Agricultural Advisory System: Challenges and Lessons from Tamil Nadu, India PDF
Ganesan Muthiah, Suma Prashant, Jayalakshmi Umadikar, Kavitha Karthikeyan # of downloads: 2334

Impact of Online Social Networking on Youth: Case Study of Mauritius PDF
Kavi Kumar Khedo, Rajen Suntoo, Sheik Mohammad Roushdat Ally Elaheebocus, Asslinah Mocktoolah # of downloads: 3413

ICT Barriers and Critical Success Factors in Developing Countries PDF
Almamy Touray, Airi Salminen, Anja Mursu # of downloads: 4071

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