Vol 58 (2013)

In Volume 58 we present seven regular papers.

In the first paper, Gomez reports the results of a content analysis of 984 papers published in the ICTD field from 2000-2010. This is the first major review of the field and provides a useful analysis of the research undertaken to date, as well as pointers to future research.

In the second paper, Ramirez-Gomez, Brwon and Tjon Sie Fat report on a participatory GIS mapping project that was designed to identify ecosystem services in Southern Suriname. A number of lessons learned that can be applied elsewhere are provided.

In the third paper, Olupot and Mayoka propose a framework for the adoption of Electronic Customer Relationship Management systems in Uganda. 

In the fourth paper, Duncan and Rahman introduce a conceptual framework for multi-purpose cadastre that can be applied to land acquisition and ownership rights. 

In the fifth paper, Aliyu, Mahumd, Tap and Nassr review the design features of Islamic websites that focus on providing religious content. The results of the study have implications for the design of Islamic websites.

In the sixth paper, Akinnuwesi, Uzoka,  Olabiyisi, Omidiora and Fiddi report on the results of an investigation into the perception gap between end-users and software developers in Nigeria regarding end-user participation in software development

In the last paper, Mpazanje, Sewchurran and Brown explore and describe the as-lived experiences of stakeholders in IS projects, specifically examining (through the lens of Actor-Network theory) the case of an IS project implementation in Malawi.

Table of Contents

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.

Research Papers

The Changing Field of ICTD: Growth and maturation of the field, 2000-2010 PDF
Ricardo Gomez # of downloads: 2584

Participatory Mapping with Indigenous Communities for Conservation: Challenges and Lessons from Suriname PDF
Sara O.I. Ramirez-Gomez, Gregory G Brown, Annette Tjon Sie Fat # of downloads: 1606

A Framework for the Adoption of Electronic Customer Relationship Management Information Systems in Developing Countries PDF
Charles Olupot, Geoffrey Mayoka Kituyi # of downloads: 1537

A Multipurpose Cadastral Framework for Developing Countries Concepts PDF
Edward E Duncan, Alias A Rahman # of downloads: 1360

A Preliminary Investigation of Islamic Websites' Design Features that Influence Use: A Proposed Model PDF
Mansur Aliyu, Murni Mahmud, Abu Osman Md Tap, Rasheed Mohammed Nassr # of downloads: 3538

An Empirical Analysis of End-User Participation in Software Development Projects in a Developing Country Context PDF
Faith-Michael Uzoka # of downloads: 1307

Rethinking Information Systems Projects using Actor-Network Theory – Perspectives from a Developing Country PDF
Flora Mpazanje, Kosheek Sewchurran, Irwin Brown # of downloads: 1602

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