Vol 60 (2014)

Volume 60 of EJISDC contains eight regular papers with authors from Egypt, France, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the UK and Zimbabwe.

In the first paper, Dissanayeke and Wanigasundera explore how mobile devices are used among the agricultural community in Sri Lanka in relation to interactions with major agricultural stakeholders.

In the second paper, Muhanguzi and Kyobe seek to identify how the alignment of work practices with mobile technology can result in performance improvements in SMEs in developing countries.

In the third paper, Sharkawi and Rahman explore the application of 3D models in urban planning and management where changes in the physical infrastructure take place frequently.

In the fourth paper, Osah, Pade-Khene and Foster investigate critical issues associated with the implementation of ICT4D projects in rural areas of developing countries. 

In the fifth article, Kamel highlights the clash of generations between older state power and younger citizens and the role social media played in the political transformation in the build-up to Egypt’s uprising in January 2011 and beyond.

In the sixth article, Le Bel, Chavernac, Mapuvire and Cornu explore the application of FrontlineSMS as an early warning network for human-wildlife conflict mitigation in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

In the seventh article, Alqahtani, Al-Badi and Mayhew explore the acceptance of m-transactions in Saudi Arabia.

In the last paper, Amin, Abdul-Rahman, Ramayah, Supinah and Mohd-Aris explore the factors influencing the acceptance of online waqf, generally termed as Islamic e-donations, in the Malaysian context.  

Table of Contents

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.

Research Papers

Mobile Based Information Communication Interactions among Major Agricultural Stakeholders: Sri Lankan Experience PDF
Uvasara Dissanayeke, W.A.D.P. Wanigasundera # of downloads: 1312

Aligning Work Practices, Mobile Technology and Strategy for Performance Improvement: The Case of SMEs in Uganda PDF
Samuel Muhanguzi, Michael Kyobe # of downloads: 2138

Towards an Efficient City Inventory Management System for Urban Authorities in Developing Countries – The Case of 3D Change Detection PDF
Khairul Hafiz Sharkawi, Alias Abdul Rahman # of downloads: 1300

Critical Themes of Process Assessment in Rural ICT4D Projects: An Analysis of Assessment Approaches PDF
Joshua Umeoniso Osah, Caroline Pade Khene, Greg Foster # of downloads: 1063

The Value of Social Media in Egypt’s Uprising and Beyond PDF
Sherif H Kamel # of downloads: 1384

FrontlineSMS as An Early Warning Network for Human-Wildlife Mitigation: Lessons Learned from Tests Conducted in Mozambique and Zimbabwe PDF
Sébastien Le Bel, David Chavernac, George Mapuvire, Guillaume Cornu # of downloads: 1472

Exploratory Study of M-Transaction: User’s Perspectives PDF
Mohammed A Alqahtani, Ali H Al-Badi, Pam J Mayhew # of downloads: 1308

Determinants of Online Waqf Acceptance: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Hanudin Amin, Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, Thuraisamy Ramayah, Rostinah Supinah, Masmurniwati Mohd Aris # of downloads: 2336

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