Vol 63 (2014)

Volume 63 contains eight regular papers submitted to EJISDC.

In the first paper, Chawani, Kaasboll, Finken, Herstad and Malata present an attempt to balance the work practices and protocols in the development of an Electronic Medical Records system for antenatal care in Malawi. The authors highlight the important role that clients play in healthcare work and thus, influence the design of EMR systems.

In the second paper, Chan Mow reports on the issues and challenges associated with ICT development in a small island state - Samoa. The author draws upon Heeks' (2013) Inclusive Innovation theory, Schumpeter’s (2002) development theory and Sen’s (1999) capability approach. Recommendations for future practice and strategy are made.

In the third paper, Bell and Wood-Harper examine the applicability of the Multiview3  methodology to non-specialists working in developing countries with particular references to cases in various developing countries.

In the fourth paper, Kemppainen, Tedre and Sutinen review six non-technical issues associated with ICT-based development projects derived from the central concepts and consensuses of IDC as well as from an analysis of the relevant literature. The six issues are reflected on in the context of many years of work undertaken in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the fifth paper, Adaba and Rusu apply Sen’s (1999) Capability Approach as a framework to examine the effect of an e-government initiative intended to modernise customs operational procedures and facilitate trade in Ghana. The authors contribute to knowledge by offering a useful example of the affordances of the Capability Approach for examining e-government initiatives focusing on what people can actually do with the opportunities provided by e-government, rather than using income-based measures.

In the sixth paper, Kurti, Barolli and Sevrani draw on the work of Nfuka and Rusu (2010) to advance our understanding on Critical Success Factors for effective IT governance in the Albanian public sector. Drawing on case study data obtained from interactions with five Albanian government institutions, they find that there is a greater need for focus on resource management and the human dimension.

In the seventh paper, Baldwin and Mahon illustrate how a participatory GIS approach can be applied as a sound basis for practically incorporating an ecosystem approach within marine spatial planning initiatives in the context of the Grenadines. 

In the eighth paper, Hechanova and Ortega-Go expand the Uses and Gratification Theory by examining Internet use and its outcomes among Filipino Internet users. They also test Social Cognitive Theory by examining the role of both self and external regulation on Internet use outcomes. Positive outcomes of Internet use are greater productivity and personal enhancement. Negative outcomes can be described in terms of social harm and Internet addiction. 

Table of Contents

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Research Papers

Balancing Work Practices and Protocols in the Design of EMR Systems: The Case of Developing an EMR System for Antenatal Care Services in Malawi PDF
Marlen Stacey Chawani, Jens Kaasbøll, Sisse Finken, Jo Herstad, Address Malata # of downloads: 938

Issues and Challenges, Strategies and Recommendations, in the Development of ICT in a Small Island Developing State: The Case of Samoa PDF
Ioana Tuugalei Chan Mow # of downloads: 1331

The Innovation of Multiview3 for Development Professionals PDF
Simon Bell, Trevor Wood-Harper # of downloads: 1335

Development of Projects and ICT: A Review of Non-Technical Aspects PDF
Jyri Kemppainen, Matti Tedre, Erkki Sutinen # of downloads: 1099

E-Trade Facilitation in Ghana: A Capability Approach Perspective PDF
Godfried Bakiyem Adaba, Lazar Rusu # of downloads: 980

Effective IT Governance in the Albanian Public Sector – A Critical Success Factors Approach PDF
Ilir Kurti, Ezmolda Barrolli, Kozeta Sevrani # of downloads: 1268

A Participatory GIS for Marine Spatial Planning in the Grenadine Islands PDF
Kim Elaine Baldwin, Robin Mahon # of downloads: 1113

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Internet Use, Outcomes and the Role of Regulation in the Philippines PDF
Regina Hechanova, Renee Ortega-Go # of downloads: 3044

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