Vol 65 (2014)

Volume 65 contains eight regular papers accepted for publication.

In the first paper, Hassen and Svensen consider the role of e-commerce for the development of small businesses in Ethiopia. The authors write case studies about five small enterprises involved in import and export business and examine their utilization level of E-commerce technology. The findings show that small enterprises in the country have low levels of e-commerce utilization due to: (1) the scarcity of infrastructure development and expertise in the area, and (2) barriers created by government policy and bank regulations. 

In the second paper, Potnis considers how gender-related issues can be balanced in ICT4D field work. The author illustrates the culturally sensitive application of Project Management Principles to manage contextual challenges mainly consisting of gender-related challenges in field research with poor female mobile phone users in rural India.

In the third paper, Jobe and Hansson explore the use and effects of non-formal education and incentives in Kenya. The authors create, implement, and evaluate a MOOC platform about human rights that was available to any Kenyan for free in order to increase knowledge and engagement.

In the fourth paper, Mathew and Mishra examine the drivers of online purchasing in India, drawing on survey data (n=484) from Indian consumers. Findings show that Indian online users had high level of perceived risks and these perceived risks increase despite users have online buying experience. 

In the fifth paper, Cilliers and Flowerday assess the acceptance of telemedicine by health care workers in South Africa. The authors draw on survey data of health care workers to understand the barriers to and motivators for telemedicine system use.

In the sixth paper, El-Shishtawy aims to show how advances in mobile technologies can help solve social and political aspects involved in the reform of subsidies in developing countries. The author describes the work done to build a mobile-based supportive network that integrates all subsidy partners: governmental, non-governmental organizations, merchants, and beneficiaries.

In the seventh paper, Rufai examines the impact of ICT on the performance of SMEs in Lagos State, Nigeria. The study was undertaken through a firm survey and also a number of semi-structured interviews with purposively selected 100 SMEs operating in both the affluent and disadvantaged districts of the city.

In the last paper, Kalema and Kgasi report on the E-health readiness assessment model contextualized in developing countries analyzing data collected from health institutions of the rural North-west province of South Africa.

Table of Contents

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Research Papers

The Role of ICT for the Growth of Small Enterprises in Ethiopia PDF
Yasin Ali Hassen, Ann Svensson # of downloads: 2196

Managing Gender-Related Challenges in ICT4D Field Research PDF
Devendra Dilip Potnis # of downloads: 692

Putting a MOOC for Human Rights in the Hands of Kenyans: THe Haki Zangu Case for Non-Formal Learning PDF
William Jobe, Per-Olof Hansson # of downloads: 975

Online Retailing in India: Linking Internet Usage, Perceived Risks, Website Attributes and Past Online Purchase Behaviour PDF
Priya Mary Mathew, Sita Mishra # of downloads: 1871

User Acceptance of Telemedicine by Health Care Workers: A Case of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa PDF
Liezel Cilliers, Stephen Flowerday # of downloads: 929

A Mobile Management System for Reforming Subsidies Distribution in Egypt PDF
Tarek Ahmed El-Shishtawy # of downloads: 1063

The Impact of Communication Technologies on the Performance of SMEs in a Developing Country: Nigeria as a Case Study PDF
Ibrahim Adeniyi Rufai # of downloads: 2415

Leveraging E-health for Future-oriented Healthcare Systems in Developing Countries PDF
Billy Mathias Mathias Kalema, Mmamolefe Rosina Kgasi # of downloads: 1029

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