Vol 71 (2015)

Volume 71 contains eight regular papers.

In the first paper, Palvia, Baqir and Nemati evaluate government policies for Information Communication Technologies (ICT) growth in a developing country by extending and utilizing the design-actuality gaps framework in order to assess whether whether the results of ICT investments necessarily match expectations.

In the second paper, Tirkaso and Hess note that prior research has indicated that cash crop producers in developing countries are, in comparison to other farmers, more inclined to spend a share of their income on information communication technologies. In some cases however, it is not known whether the larger cash crop producers are spending more on ICT because they are wealthier, or if the cash crop farms that make more use of ICT services have in the past been able to accumulate wealth faster. This paper attempts to understand this causality for the case of smallholder farmers in rural villages of southern Ethiopia.

In the third paper, Mbile, Makansi, Ajayi, Ferguson, Manzinga and Ebokely report on a Central African initiative to monitor and reward the storage of carbon stocks on rural farms. The authors consdier the potential applicability of an ICT innovation - the Community-Based Biomass Assessment and Monitoring System or CB-BAMS, which a cloud-based automated database system built around an SMS platform for sending and receiving SMS text messages. 

In the fourth paper, Linne addresses the performances of intimacy displayed by adolescents of the City of Buenos Aires through the social networking site Facebook. The methodology used is mixed ethnography: on the one hand, conducting observations and thirty in-depth interviews with adolescents from the study universe; on the other, analyzing personal photographs.

In the fifth paper, Winley examines the success factors associataed with IT projects in Thailand. A theoretical model is formuatled and tested with data from 219 professionals.

In the sixth paper, Shaanika and Iyamu apply Activity Theory in an examination of the factors that influence the deployment of enterprise architecture in Namibia. The use of the activity theory (AT) helps to reveal that non-technical factors were completely ignored or sometimes considered to be less significant to the technical factors. 

In the seventh paper, Tanner and du Toit identified factors hindering and promoting sustainability in ICT4D initiatives and analysed how higher education institutions influence the sustainability of such initiatives. A case study was conducted in a telecentre from an underserved community in Cape Town. 

In the eighth paper, Hoque and Sorwar examine how e-government services are being brought to rural populations in Bangladesh, taking the perspective of the actual beneficiaries.

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Research Papers

ICT Policies in Developing Countries: An Evaluation with the Extended Design-Actuality Gaps Framework PDF
Prashant Palvia, Naveed Baqir, Hamid Nemati # of downloads: 1011

The Role of ICT Expenditure for Cash Crop Production and Income Generation in Southern Ethiopia PDF
Wondmagegn Tafesse Tirkaso, Sebastian Hess # of downloads: 553

Monitoring Carbon Stocks on Smallholder Farms using Information and Communications Technologies: Evaluating the Potential for Central Africa PDF
Peter Mbile, Athan Makansi, Olu Ajayi, Caitlin Ferguson, Andre Manzinga, Martin Ebokely # of downloads: 407

“Multimacy”: Performances of intimacy on Facebook by Buenos Aires adolescents PDF
Joaquin Linne # of downloads: 396

Graham Kenneth Winley # of downloads: 442

Deployment of Enterprise Architecture in The Namibian Government: The Use of Activity Theory to Examine the Influencing Factors PDF
Irja Shaanika, Tiko Iyamu # of downloads: 556

The Influence of Higher Education Institutions on the Sustainability of ICT4D Initiatives in Underserved Communities PDF
Maureen Tanner, Andries du Toit # of downloads: 794

ICT Based e-Government Services for Rural Development: A Study of Union Information and Service Center (UISC) in Bangladesh PDF
Md Rakibul Hoque, Dr. Golam Sorwar # of downloads: 1139

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