Vol 72 (2016)

Volume 72 of the journal contains eight regular papers.

In the first paper, Irma, Chong and Ram examine SMEs’ attitudes towards e-Business adoption from a multi-dimensional perspective to provide an understanding of the challenges and barriers to e-Business adoption in the SMEs context. 

In the second paper, Bacishoga, Hooper and Johnston expolore the role of mobile phones as a tool to aid refugee integration and social capital development among refugees in South Africa.

In the third paper, Naudé undertakes a bibliometric analysis of the present journal (EJISDC) drawong on the 378 papers published from 2000 to 2013.

In the fourth paper, Naudé continues her bibliometric analysis by exploring country-level productivity, collaborative behaviour andcitation impact of ICT4D researchers in the EJISDC.

In the fifth paper, Hassa and Tanner explore the factors perceived to contribute to relationship satisfaction between various players in the ICT-enabled supply chain in South Africa.

In the sixth paper, Duffett examines the effect of IM (Mxit) advertising on the hierarchy-of-effect model attitude stages among teenagers in South Africa. The results of the investigations found favorable attitudes towards IM advertising among teenagers.

In the seventh paper, Asangansi conceptualizes the interaction between network logic and hierarchical bureaucratic logic of Health Management Information Systems. The author argues that the interaction between these logics potentially leads to a conflict where the logic embedded in networked technologies (such as mHealth) disrupts and challenges the existing hierarchical logic in the bureaucracy.

In the eighth paper, Wongwuttiwat compares Thailand with the other ASEAN Plus 3 member nations based on their stage of economic development and three important indicators of competitiveness (the higher education system, technology readiness, and business innovation). The findings identify Thailand’s position with respect to ICT development relative to the other ASEAN Plus 3 nations and point to strategies and partnerships that need to be developed in Thailand in order to maintain a competitive position within the AEC. 

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Research Papers

Empirically Examining Barriers to E-business Adoption in SMEs in Indonesia PDF
Janita Irma, Tristan Chong, Jiwat Ram # of downloads: 540

The Role of Mobile Phones in the Development of Social Capital PDF
Kasky B Bacishoga, Val A Hooper, Kevin A Johnston # of downloads: 641

Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (2000-2013): A Bibliometric Study PDF
Filistea Naude # of downloads: 634

Country Trends and Scholarly Collaboration in the ICT4D Research Community 2000-2013: A Single Journal Study PDF
Filistea Naude # of downloads: 444

Perceived Factors Influencing ICT Vendors - Value Added Reseller Partnerships' Satisfaction in South Africa PDF
Ismael Hassa, Maureen Tanner # of downloads: 423

Effect of Instant Messaging Advertising on the Hierarchy-of-Effects Model amid Teenagers in South Africa PDF
Rodney Graeme Duffett # of downloads: 788

Is mHealth Disrupting the Status Quo? Evidence from Implementations Highlighting Network vs. Hierarchical Institutional Logics PDF
Ime Asangansi # of downloads: 630

Thailand's ICT Readiness for the ASEAN Economic Community PDF
Jittima Wongwuttiwat # of downloads: 595

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