Vol 2 (2000)

Volume 2 contains seven regular papers, covering a range of topics of interest to EJISDC readers, with papers from or about: Thai Agricultural Cooperatives; self-cultivation of technological innovations; undergraduate experiences of hypermedia-based learning; a ailed SAP R/3 implementation in the Middle East; NGO use of the Internet; e-Commerce developments in Malaysia; and IT use among SMEs in Brunei.

Table of Contents

In this Volume, the downloads# is the number of downloads since April 2005. The total number of downloads, i.e. since the original publication date, is not available.

Research Papers

Factors affecting the use of Information technology in Thai agricultural cooperatives : a work in progress PDF
O. Chieochan, D. Lindley, T. Dunn # of downloads: 25709

Cultivating Technological Innovation for Development PDF
Stephen Corea # of downloads: 7320

Effects of Learning Styles on Undergraduates' Attitudes, Navigational Patterns, and Use of Navigational Tools in Hypermedia-Based Learning PDF
Kian Sam Hong, Kun Ling Chan # of downloads: 6411

Information and Business Process Equality: The Case of SAP R/3 Implementation PDF
Majed Al-Mashari, Mohamed Zairi # of downloads: 21010

A Champion in Our Midst: Lessons Learned from the Impacts of NGO's Use of the Internet PDF
Scott McConnell # of downloads: 4197

Barriers to Putting Businesses on the Internet in Malaysia PDF
Norhayati Abd.Mukti # of downloads: 8279

An Empirical Investigation of Use of Information Technology among Small and Medium Business Organizations: A Bruneian Scenario PDF
Afzaal H Seyal, Md. Mahbubur Rahim, Mohd. Noah A Rahman # of downloads: 12713

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