Vol 10 (2002)

This volume contains five articles. The first is an open letter to the journal, a report on the 2002 IFIP WG 9.4 conference held in Bangalore, India. It was intended that this report should stimulate discussion and that interested readers would submit responses to the report for publication in this volume. The link to the report, as below, was distributed via the IFIP WG 9.4 mailing list, as well as various other lists that have members from developing countries. Unfortunately, not a single response has been received since the report was first made available in June 2002. If readers would like to comment on the report, then we would welcome them - for publication in a future issue. Please note the following editorial information about this commenting process.

The remaining articles in this volume have been accepted through the regular submission/review process of the journal. In paper two, Idowu, Alu and Adagunodo describe a survey that was undertaken into the effect of IT in the Nigerian Banking Industry. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they conclude that IT has had a significant impact. In the next paper, Samantha Fleming documents the current situation and future potential for ICTs in the development of democracy in 'the South'. The specific country focus is South Africa, and in particular Chapter 2 of its Bill of Rights. Paper four, written by Eric Cloete, Steven Courtney and Julia Fintz, also comes from South Africa, and involves a survey of small business acceptance and adoption of E-Commerce technologies. The paper investigates how e-commerce benefits are evaluated by small businesses and analyses whether these businesses have the capacity in place to implement the technologies. The last paper is also e-commerce related, but involves a case study of a single orgaisation in the Ukraine. Murray Jennex and Donald Amoroso report on a study of International Business Solutions, documenting a number of critical e-business issues.

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Editorial Information

June 30th, 2002

The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC) - www.ejisdc.org - has pleasure in providing a limited time opportunity for comment on a report written about the recent IFIP94 conference in Bangalore. This report was not commissioned by the journal, but was offered to the journal by its author - Mayuri Odedra-Straub - as a personal reflection on the way the IFIP94 community has developed.

While the report itself is only two pages long, it seems inappropriate to email it to all of you. Therefore, the report has been published on the web pages of the journal at www.ejisdc.org as Volume 10, Letter 1. We invite you to read this report and to offer your comments - for publication in the journal - on the issues raised therein. We hope that this will provide an opportunity for those of you who attended the conference, as well as anyone else concerned about the issues that are pertinent to IT in DCs, to provide some feedback and reflection. In essence, this report is being treated like a 'letter to the editor' and so those of you who wish to contribute comments will be treated similarly. We would also like to suggest that your comments be reasonably substantive - in the order of 2-3 pages for instance.

Please send your comments to me, Robert Davison, at isrobert@cityu.edu.hk. If you have comments for the author that are not for publication, then you may contact her directly at the address provided in the letter.

In order to keep this discussion to a reasonably tight format, we will accept submissions of comments for two months - until the end of August 2002. In principle, we will only publish a single item per person - this is not intended to be a brainstorming session or general discussion forum - so please ensure that you say what you want to say on the first occasion.

We look forward to your views.

Robert Davison
Editor-in-Chief, EJISDC

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In this Volume, the downloads# is the number of downloads since April 2005. The total number of downloads, i.e. since the original publication date, is not available.


A Way Forward... - Report on the IFIP WG 9.4 Conference, 2002 PDF
Mayuri Odedra-Straub # of downloads: 2394

In this Volume, the downloads# is the number of downloads since April 2005. The total number of downloads, i.e. since the original publication date, is not available.

Research Papers

The Effect of Information Technology on the Growth of the Banking Industry in Nigeria PDF
P. A. Idowu, A. Alu, E. R. Adagunodo # of downloads: 14566

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Democracy Development in the South: Potential and Current Reality PDF
Samantha Fleming # of downloads: 3396

Small Businesses' Acceptance and Adoption of e-Commerce in the Western Cape Province of South Africa PDF
Eric Cloete, Steven Courtney, Julia Fintz # of downloads: 10614

E-Business and Technology Issues for Developing Economies: A Ukraine Case Study PDF
Murray E. Jennex, Donald L. Amoroso # of downloads: 11105

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