Vol 11 (2003)

In November 2002, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) published its annual report on E-Commerce and Development. Shortly after, the EJISDC was asked to write a commentary on the report. Rather than writing an editorial commentary, we decided to ask our readers to provide the commentary. In this special issue, the EJISDC breaks new ground with a thematically connected series of twelve commentaries written by EJISDC authors from around the world. Some of the commentaries are restricted to specific chapters of the report (chapters 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 are analysed separately), while others provide an overall impression of the report or comment on issues that were not included but might have been. We commend this series of commentaries to you in the hope that they will illuminate the report itself, as well as its various strengths and weaknesses. We will be interested to publish further commentaries on the UNCTAD report, or indeed letters on the issues raised in the commentaries.

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E-Commerce in Developing Countries PDF
Judy Young, Gail Ridley # of downloads: 6661

E-Commerce and Development: Whose Development? PDF
Mayuri Odedra-Straub Mayuri Odedra-Straub # of downloads: 11051

Gender, E-Commerce and Development PDF
R. C. Sharma # of downloads: 3426

The IT Industry, E-Business and Development PDF
Mahesh S. Raisinghani # of downloads: 2741

The Status of E-Finance in Developing Countries PDF
Rassule Hadidi # of downloads: 4513

E-Finance for Development: Global Trends, National Experience and SMEs PDF
Purcell Fuatai, Janet Toland # of downloads: 3443

E-Publishing in Science and Healthcare: Alternative Models for Development PDF
Ann Séror, Irina Neuman # of downloads: 3934

E-Commerce and the Publishing Industry PDF
Ada Scupola # of downloads: 13483

Export Performance and E-Services PDF
Janice Burn, Martin Barnett # of downloads: 2675

Assessment of E-Service Quality via E-Satisfaction in E-Commerce Globalization PDF
Ming Wang # of downloads: 20570

UNCTAD and E-Commerce Success PDF
Murray Jennex # of downloads: 4162

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Michael Gurstein # of downloads: 2420

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