Vol 15 (2003)

Volume 15 is a special issue of the journal devoted to IS in Latin America. The papers here are selected best papers from the Latin America Track at the 2003 AMCIS conference. The special issue has been edited and coordinated by Martha Garcia-Murillo, Syracuse University, USA, who also provides a lengthy introduction to the special issue, titled "Patchwork Adoption of ICTs in Latin America".

The second paper in this special issue by Sá, Marczak, Audy and Avritchir, presents a Brazilian case of the effectiveness of fiscal incentives that can be used to attract IT investments.

This is followed by an empirical study of telecommunication product adoption in the context of Latin America and the Caribbean, by Bagchi, Solis and Gemoets.

Two papers with a Mexican context round off the special issue. Firstly, Herrera and Ramirez propose a methodology for the self-diagnosis of software quality assurance in SMEs. This is followed by Navarrete and Pick's cross-cultural evaluation of telecommuting, comparing the USA and Mexico.

Table of Contents

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Research Papers

Patchwork Adoption of ICTs in Latin America PDF
Martha Garcia-Murillo # of downloads: 4809

Effectiveness of Fiscal Incentives to Attract IT Investments: A Brazilian Case PDF
Luciana Sá, Sabrina Marczak, Jorge Audy, Jairo Avritchir # of downloads: 5387

An Empirical Study on Telecommunication Product Adoption in Latin America and the Caribbean PDF
Kallol Bagchi, Adriano Solis, Leopaldo Gemoets # of downloads: 4850

A Methodology for Self-Diagnosis for Software Quality Assurance in Small and Medium Sized Industries in Latin America PDF
Elizabeth Munive Herrera, Raúl Trejo Ramirez # of downloads: 8585

Cross-Cultural Telecommuting Evaluation in Mexico and the United States PDF
Carlos Navarrete, James Pick # of downloads: 6607

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