Vol 22 (2005)

Volume 22 is a regular issue of the journal with six papers, four research and two practitioner.

In the first article, Sulaiman Ainin, CH Lim and Alice Wee, from the University of Malaya, consider the prospects and challenges that lie ahead for e-banking in Malaysia. Survey data from current and potential ebanking adopters is analysed in the context of the Malaysian culture. Applications that have proven particularly popular to date include paying utility bills.

In the second article, Marisa D’Mello considers issues of identity, and the related tensions, in global software organisations operating in India, with particular regard to the “thinking global, acting local’ maxim. This paper, which employs an interpretivist perspective, considers the tensions apparent in a single case of a global software organisation, thereby illustrating the global-local interplay. This is a fascinating article that is highly recommended to those interested in these cultural tensions, as well as the broader implications of the global software industry, from a developing country perspective.

In the third article, Bjorn Furuholt and Stein Kristiansen from Agder University College, Norway, and Fathul Wahid from the Islamic University of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, analyse the market for Internet cafes in Indonesia as well as the more general spread of information throughout this developing society.

In the fourth article, Gaye Kiely and Brian Fitzgerald investigate the use of methods within information systems development practice. This paper was previously presented at the IFIP 82 +94 conference in Athens, Greece. The study employs a case study approach of three organisations located in Ireland.

In the fifth, practitioner, paper, Mohsen Kahani (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran) discusses the use of e-voting systems in Iran, identifying some key issues and problems that need to be addressed.

Finally, in the sixth paper, also directed at practitioners, Nico Rossouw, Daniel Botha and Enoch Dlamini provide a review of the water quality management systems used by a cross-border water authority in South Africa and Swaziland.

Table of Contents

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Research Papers

Prospects and Challenges of e-banking in Malaysia PDF
Sulaiman Ainin, C.H. Lim, Alice Wee # of downloads: 15278

"Thinking Local, Acting Global": Issues of Identity and Related Tensions in Global Software Organizations in India PDF
Marisa D'Mello # of downloads: 7827

Information Dissemination in a Developing Society: Internet Cafe Users in Indonesia PDF
Bjorn Furuholt, Stein Kristiansen, Fathul Wahid # of downloads: 20539

An Investigation of the Use of Methods within Information Systems Development Projects PDF
Gaye Kiely, Brian Fitzgerald # of downloads: 5007

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.

Practitioner Papers

Experiencing Small-Scale E-Democracy in Iran PDF
Mohsen Kahani # of downloads: 4324

A Review of a Water Quality Information Management System for a Water Management Authority in South Africa and Swaziland PDF
Nico Rossouw, Daniel Botha, Enoch Dlamini # of downloads: 6711

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