Vol 23 (2006)

It is my pleasure to introduce Volume 23 of the EJISDC, a regular volume with six full papers and three book reviews. In the first paper, Ronaldo Zwicker, Cesar Alexandre de Souza and Antonio Geraldo da Rocha Vidal, from Brazil, assess the informatization of Brazilian industrial organisations, with a specific focus on technology infrastructure, information systems, Internet, human resources and investments. Drawing on a survey of 326 small, medium and large sized companies the paper indicates that there are significant differences between companies of different sizes in terms of the way that these organisations adopt and use technology.

In the second paper, Xiuzhen Feng from the University of Twente in the Netherlands introduces a framework for culturally influences information systems management (ISM). The framework makes it possible: to create clear relationships between national culture variables and ISM task domains, revealing how aspects of the national culture could impact ISM and what perspectives of the ISM might be influenced by national cultural variables; and to study critical factors of culturally influenced ISM and ascertain the management patterns of ISM in a cross-cultural environment.

In the third paper, Peter Meso and his colleagues at Georgia State University, USA, address the diffusion of national IT policies, with a particular focus on sector differences. Egypt is used as a case example, with quantitative analysis of 47 interviews conducted with policy makers and managers. The findings suggest that the correctly positioning of ICT policies may be crucial if national strategies that are intended to shape the direction and speed of nation-wide ICT capacity and capability developments are to be implemented effectively.

In the fourth paper, a team of three authors from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Jordan, and a colleague from West Virginia University, USA, explore the current state of software piracy in Jordan through a survey. It is noted that public awareness of the laws relating to software piracy are not always well known or understood, with 25% of respondents demonstrating a poor understanding of the legal issues involved. It is suggested that it is not only the responsibility of government to educate the public about software piracy matters, but also that of the non-governmental sector as well as private organisations.

In the fifth paper, a team of researchers led by Ojelanki Ngwenyama from Ryerson University, Canada, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA and the University of Kent at Brussels, Belgium, discuss the relationship between ICTs, health, education and development, drawing on publicly available UN and ITU data relating to five francophone West African nations: Cameroon, Senegal, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire and Niger. The results provide evidence that complementary investments in ICT, health and education can significantly increase human development.

In the final paper, Princely Ifinedo from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, reports on the acceptance and continuance intention of web-based learning technologies in the Baltic State of Estonia. The paper employs an extended version of the TAM model and finds that both usage and perceived usefulness influence continuance intention, whilst perceived ease of use does not.

This issue is concluded with three book reviews. Erran Carmel reviews "The Software Industry in Emerging Markets" by Simon Commander, Robert Davison reviews "Offshoring Information Technology: Sourcing and Outsourcing to a Global Workforce" by Erran Carmel and Paul Tjia, and "Implementing and Managing eGovernment" by Richard Heeks.

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Research Papers

An Assessment on the Informatization of Brazilian Industrial Companies PDF
Ronaldo Zwicker, Cesar Alexandre de Souza, Antonio Geraldo da Rocha Vidal # of downloads: 4600

A Framework for Culturally Influenced Information Systems Management PDF
Xiuzhen Feng # of downloads: 5763

Knowledge Spheres and the Diffusion of National IT Policies PDF
Peter Meso, Ricardo M. Checchi, Galen R. Sevcik, Karen D. Loch, Detmar W. Straub # of downloads: 4175

An Exploratory Study of Software Piracy in Jordan PDF
Asim El Sheikh, Abdullah Abdali Rashed, Bashar Al Qudah, A. Graham Peace # of downloads: 5152

Is There A Relationship Between ICT, Health, Education And Development? An Empirical Analysis of five West African Countries from 1997-2003. PDF
Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Francis K. Andoh-Baidoo, Felix Bollou, Olga Morawczynski # of downloads: 8298

Acceptance and Continuance Intention of Web-based Learning Technologies (WLT) Use Among University Students in a Baltic Country PDF
Princely Ifinedo # of downloads: 5864

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.

Book Reviews

"The Software Industry in Emerging Markets" by Simon Commander PDF
Erran Carmel # of downloads: 3286

"Offshoring Information Technology: Sourcing and Outsourcing to a Global Workforce" by Erran Carmel and Paul Tjia PDF
Robert M. Davison # of downloads: 4534

"Implementing and Managing eGovernment" by Richard Heeks PDF
Robert M. Davison # of downloads: 7387

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