Vol 29 (2007)

Volume 29 contains five regular papers, as well as three book reviews.

In the first paper, Hussein and her colleagues from the International Islamic University, Malaysia, consider the influence of organisational factors on IS success in Malaysian e-government agencies. While the findings are generally consistent with previous studies, it is notable that top management support is not particularly significant as a factor, while goal alignment is the most significant influencing factor.

In the second paper, Samuel and Zaitun, both from the University of Malaya, report on an investigation into the adequacy of ICT resources and skills among English language teachers in Malaysian schools. While most teachers do have the requisite ICT skills, the necessary ICT resources are often lacking. The reasons for and consequences of this situation are then discussed.

In the third paper, Hinson (University of Ghana Business School), Sorensen (Aalborg University, Denmark) and Buatsi (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana) consider the Internet use patterns among Ghanaian exporters. The prevailing features of Internet use are described the implications are considered in the Ghanaian context, as well as more widely.

In the fourth paper, Son (An Giang University, Vietnam) presents a case study of the relationship between land-use change and rural income determinants from a policy perspective. Both Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing systems were used over a period of four years, alongside an examination of socioeconomic factors.

In the final paper, Morawczynski (University of Edinburgh) and Ngwenyama (Ryerson University) unravel the impact of investments in ICT, Education and Health on Development using regression splines in the specific West African contexts of Benin, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Niger. They conclude, significantly, that investments in ICTs alone are not enough to exert a significant impact on human development: complementary investments in education and healthcare are also critical.

Table of Contents

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Research Papers

The Influence of Organizational Factors on Information Systems Success in E-Government Agencies in Malaysia PDF
Ramlah Hussein, Nor Shahriza Abdul Karim, Norshidah Mohamed, Abdul Rahman Ahlan # of downloads: 11956

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Do Teachers have Adequate ICT Resources and the Right ICT Skills in Integrating ICT Tools in the Teaching and Learning of English Language in Malaysian Schools? PDF
Robinson Joseph Samuel, Zaitun Abu Bakar # of downloads: 8644

Internet Use Patterns amongst Internationalizing Ghanaian Exporters PDF
Robert Ebo Hinson, Olav Sorensen, Seth Buatsi # of downloads: 41443

Relation between land-use change and rural income determinants: a case study of policy implication in Tri Ton, Vietnam PDF
Son Thanh Nguyen # of downloads: 3053

Unraveling the Impact of Investments in ICT, Education and Health on Development: An Analysis of Archival Data of Five West African Countries Using Regression Splines PDF
Olga Morawczynski, Ojelanki Ngwenyama # of downloads: 4926

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Book Reviews

"The Power Law of Information: Life in a Connected World" by Srinivasa, S. PDF
Robert M Davison # of downloads: 2332

"IT Application Service Offshoring: An Insider’s Guide" by Lewis, M. PDF
Robert M Davison # of downloads: 3004

"The New Economy in Development: ICT Challenges and Opportunities" by D’Costa, A.P. (Ed.) PDF
Robert M Davison # of downloads: 2464

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