Vol 31 (2007)

Volume 31 of EJISDC has a bumper crop of nine regular articles.

In the first paper, Gyanendra Narayan examines how e-governance and m-governance can contribute in a hub and spoke model towards addressing digital divide issues in the developing world, and particularly in rural areas.

In the second paper, Sue Abdinnour-Helm and Barbara Chaparro evaluate the websites of Palestinian hotels using a balanced usability checklist. Hotel websites do not fare very well when the checklist is used, so there are a number of suggestions for hotel website managers.

In the third paper, Christine Fenenga and Arjan de Jager report on health management information systems in Uganda, and in particular on the positive impact that such systems can have on organisational development.

In the fourth paper, Uzoka, Shemi and Seleka use the theory of planned behaviour to investigate the behavioural factors that influence the adoption of e-commerce in Botswana. The implications for both businesses and government policy are considered.

In the fifth paper, Robert Hinson and Richard Boateng, also relying on the theory of planned behaviour, examine e-business in the Ghanian tourism industry. While strategic advantages of e-business adoption can be identified, general e-business awareness in Ghana is rather low, restricting the development of the field.

In the sixth paper, Bjørn Furuholt and Stein Kristiansen consider rural-urban digital divides, in the specific case of Tanzania. Perhaps surprisingly, the main difference that they identify relates to the ease of locating Internet-accessible locations - the characteristics of the users themselves, as well as their usage patterns, are remarkably similar.

In the seventh paper, Graham Winley, Chanissara Arjpru and Jittima Wongwuttiwat compare the development plans of 72 organizations in 7 organizational sectors in Thailand with respect to the relative importance of a range of technologies, professional activities, and IT knowledge/skills. They then assess the alignment of these development plans with national policy objectives.

In the eighth paper, Aldo Benini presents a case study used by a NGO in Bangladesh to monitor the progress of a large number of commune-level organisations of the poor, specifically in terms of project management and decision making.

Finally, in the ninth paper, Ahasanul Haque, Shameem Al-Mahmud, Arun Kumar Tarofder and Ahmad Zaki Hj Ismail report on a study of attitudinal differences among Chinese, Indians and Malays in Malaysia towards Internet advertising. In general, all three races exhibit a positive attitude towards the medium, though males are more positive than females. The authors suggest that advertisers should pay more attention to these differences as they segment their marketing strategies.

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Research Papers

Internet Advertisement in Malaysia: A Study of Attitudinal Differences PDF
Ahasanul Haque, Shameem Al Mahmud, Arun Kumar Tarofder, Ahmad Zaki Hj Ismail # of downloads: 26737

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.


Addressing The Digital Divide: E-Governance and M-Governance in a Hub and Spoke Model PDF
Gyanendra Narayan # of downloads: 10110

A Balanced Usability Checklist Approach to Evaluate Palestinian Hotel Websites PDF
Sue Abdinnour-Helm, Barbara S. Chaparro # of downloads: 7026

Health Management Information Systems as a Tool for Organizational Development PDF
Christine Fenenga, Arjan de Jager # of downloads: 3763

Behavioural Influences on E-Commerce Adoption in a Developing Country Context PDF
Faith-Michael Emeka Uzoka, Alice P Shemi, Geoffrey G Seleka # of downloads: 9381

Perceived Benefits and Management Commitment to E-business Usage in Selected Ghanaian Tourism Firms PDF
Robert Ebo Hinson, Richard Boateng # of downloads: 23151

A rural-urban Digital Divide? Regional aspects of Internet use in Tanzania PDF
Bjorn Furuholt, Stein Kristiansen # of downloads: 9818

National Information Technology Policy in Thailand: A Comparison among Organizational Sectors PDF
Graham Kenneth Winley, Chanissara Arjpru, Jittima Wongwuttiwat # of downloads: 7296

A Monitoring System for Numerous Local Organizations of Poor People - A Case from Bangladesh PDF
Aldo Albert Benini # of downloads: 7982

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