Vol 34 (2008)

Volume 34 of EJISDC contains six regular articles.

In the first article, Ahmed Gad abdel-Wahab investigates the intentions of students to adopt e-learning technologies in Egypt. He finds that almost 80% of respondents intend to adopt e-learning, provided that the facilities are available.

In the second article, Acklesh Prasad considers the intangible benefits that can accrue as a result of IT investments in Fiji. His results indicate that businesses in developing countries do perceive that their IT investments provide intangible benefits, especially at the process level, and that this contributes to business value.

In the third article, Louis Sanzogni, Jan Whungsuriya and Heather Gray present a case study of the vicissitudes associated with ICT adoption in Thailand, notably variances in the availability of appropriately skilled potential employees, itself a function in part of the education system that emphasises listening and not critical thinking.

In the fourth article, NGUYEN Hai Thi Thanh documents the benefits associated with the formal position of Government Chief Information Officer for the development of ICT programmes in developing countries.

In the fifth paper, Samer Mofleh, Mohammed Wanous and Peter Strachan describe the lessons that Jordan has learned from its e-Government initiatives, which are ongoing.

Finally, in the last paper of this volume, Margreet van Doodewaard and Arjan de Jager present an e-society programme for the rural district of Apac, Uganda. On the meta level the project aims to develop a practical model for civil society and local government interaction and collaboration towards common e-society goals. On the basis of this article, the authors elicit lessons that can be used to guide similar programmes in rural areas in the developing world.

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Modeling Students' Intention to Adopt E-learning: A Case from Egypt PDF
Ahmed Gad Abdel-Wahab # of downloads: 12319

Information Technology and Business Value in Developing Economies: A Study of Intangible Benefits of Information Technology Investments in Fiji PDF
Acklesh Prasad # of downloads: 20801

Corporate Struggle with ICT in Thailand: A Case Study PDF
Louis Sanzogni, Napa-orn (Jan) Whungsuriya, Heather Leona Gray # of downloads: 4577

Strengthening ICT Leadership in Developing Countries PDF
Nguyen Thi Thanh Hai # of downloads: 8683

Developing Countries and ICT Initiatives: Lessons Learnt from Jordan’s Experience PDF
Samer Ibrahim Mofleh, Mohammed Wanous, Peter Strachan # of downloads: 7723

APAC's E-Society Programme for Uganda PDF
Arjan de Jager, Margreet van Doodewaard # of downloads: 3931

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