Vol 35 (2008)

Volume 35 of EJISDC contains 9 papers and one book review.

In the first paper, Driss Kettani (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco), Bernard Moulin (Universite Laval, Canada), Michael Gurstein (CCIRDT, Canada) and Asmae El Mahdi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco) describe how they are working towards building a sustainable pilot E-Government system for the ancient city of Fez in Morocco. In particular, they focus on the interplay of governance and e-government, and illustrate how 'outcome analysis' helps to achieve good governance in e-government.

In the second paper, Heejin Lee (Yonsei University, South Korea), Seungkwon Jang (Sungkonghoe University, South Korea), Kyungmin Ko (Cheju National University, South Korea) and Richard Heeks (University of Manchester, UK), analyse the growth patterns and impact of South Korea's ICT for Development aid programme.

In the third paper, a research essay, Ziyaad Lunat (London School of Economics, UK) takes a freedom-centred view of development to question the conditions that enable civil society in developing countries to use the Internet to create virtual public spheres, making specific reference to the context of Tanzania.

In the fourth paper, Abdulmajid H Mohamed (International Islamic University, Malaysia), Rana Ahmed S Abuzaid (University of Malaya, Malaysia) and Rafa Mohamed Benladen (Al Bayan Girls School, Saudia Arabia) consider the opportunities and challanges associated with knowledge management and e-learning in a Saudi Arabian girls' school.

In the fifth paper, Maitrayee Mukerji (Institute of Rural Management - Anand, India) documents the emergence of and develops a typology for telecentres in rural India, with a focus on their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

In the sixth paper, Farid Shirazi (Ryerson University, Canada) considers the contributions of ICT to freedom and democracy in ten Middle Eastern countries, analysing archival data from 1995-2003. Shirazi suggests both that the digital divide has narrowed and that democracy and freedom have been effectively promoted in the region.

In the seventh paper, Abdulrahman A Mirza (King Saud University, Saudi Arabia) explores the use of IT to support gender-segregated education in Saudi Arabia. He discusses both the design of such gender-segregated educational systems and reports on a survey of student attitudes towards the environment.

In the eighth paper, Behire Esra Cayhan (Akdeniz University, Turkey) compares the current state of e-government readiness in Turkey with that of the EU member states, identifying areas that need improvement as Turkey engages with the EU in accession talks.

In the final paper, Reed Nelson (Southern Illinois University, USA) and Eduardo Vasconcelos (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) explore strategy and IT usage in the Brazilian real estate sector, using a grounded theory approach to challenge traditional models of strategic thinking.

Finally, Robert Davison reviews John Ure's "Telecommunications Development in Asia".

Table of Contents

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E-Government and Local Good Governance: A Pilot Project In Fez, Morocco PDF
Driss Kettani, Bernard Moulin, Michael Gurstein, Asmae El Mahdi # of downloads: 8825

Analysing South Korea's ICT for Development Aid Programme PDF
Heejin Lee, Seungkwon Jang, Kyungmin Ko, Richard Heeks # of downloads: 14285

The Internet and the Public Sphere: Evidence from Civil Society in Developing Countries PDF
Ziyaad Lunat # of downloads: 11156

Opportunities and Challenges of the Knowledge Management Approach to E-learning: A Case Study in Al-Bayan Girls’ School, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PDF
Abdulmajid Hissen Mohamed, Rana Ahmed Abuzaid, Rafa Mohamed Benladen # of downloads: 11627

Telecentres in Rural India: Emergence and a Typology PDF
Maitrayee Mukerji # of downloads: 4902

The Contribution of ICT to Freedom and Democracy: An Empirical Analysis of Archival Data on the Middle East PDF
Farid Shirazi # of downloads: 18284

Students’ Perceived Barriers to In-Class Participation in a Distributed and Gender Segregated Educational Environment PDF
Abdulrahman Abdulkarim Mirza # of downloads: 3939

Implementing E-Government in Turkey: A Comparison of Online Public Service Delivery in Turkey and the European Union PDF
Behire Esra Çayhan # of downloads: 5486

Information Technology Use, Strategy, and Subcultural Environments: An Exploratory Study of Brazilian Real Estate Agencies PDF
Reed E Nelson, Eduardo Vasconcelos # of downloads: 3210

In this Volume, the downloads# is the total number of downloads since publication.

Book/Media Reviews

Review: Ure, John (2008) Telecommunications Development in Asia, Hong Kong University Press PDF
Robert M Davison # of downloads: 2083

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