Vol 37 (2009)

Volume 37 contains eight regular papers. In the first paper, Lunat seeks to understand the dialectic relationship between domination and resistance in the redefinition and reinforcement of Palestinian students’ use of ICTs to achieve desirable freedoms.

In the second paper, Diaz Andrade and Urquhart discuss how the proliferation of the Internet has resulted in a cultural homogenisation via the lingua franca of the Internet, English. They consider the case of Latin American Internet portals in order to illustrate how local content provision on the Internet can be successful in attracting a local audience.

In the third paper, Acklesh Prasad uses a structurational lens and an ethnographic approach to interpret the use of technology in organisations in developing countries, focusing on success factors.

In the fourth paper, Dahawy and Kamel consider active and pasasive learning and teaching techniques in the context of undergraduate programmes in Egypt.

In the fifth paper, Hatakka assesses the potential for reuse of open content in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, paying particular attention to inhibiting factors.

In the sixth paper, Prompattanapakdee investigates the adoption and use of personal internet banking services in Thailand.

In the seventh paper, Kuppusamy, Raman and Lee analyse the impact of ICT investments on economic growth, focusing on Malaysia.

In the final paper, Kuppusamy, Raman, Shanmugam and Solucis identify and discuss the critical success factors associated with the use of IT in Islamic financial institutions.

Table of Contents

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The Palestinian Hidden Transcript: Domination, Resistance and the Role of ICTs in Achieving Freedoms PDF
Ziyaad Lunat # of downloads: 5227

ICTs as a Tool for Cultural Dominance: Prospects for a Two-Way Street PDF
Antonio Eduardo Diaz Andrade, Cathy Urquhart # of downloads: 7421

Understanding Successful Use of Technology in Organisations in Developing Countries: A Structurational Perspective PDF
Acklesh Prasad # of downloads: 3414

Using Blended Learning Techniques in Knowledge Dissemination PDF
Sherif H Kamel, Khaled Dahawy # of downloads: 3032

Build it and They Will Come? – Inhibiting Factors for Reuse of Open Content in Developing Countries PDF
Mathias Hatakka # of downloads: 17626

The Adoption and Use of Personal Internet Banking Services in Thailand PDF
Surapong Prompattanapakdee # of downloads: 4896

Whose ICT Investment Matters to Economic Growth – Private or Public? The Malaysian Perspective PDF
Mudiarasan Kuppusamy, Murali Raman, Geoffrey Lee # of downloads: 14070

A Perspective on the Critical Success Factors for Information Systems Deployment in Islamic Financial Institutions PDF
Mudiarasan Kuppusamy, Murali Raman, Bala Shanmugam, Santhapparaj Aruljeganathan Solucis # of downloads: 8673

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