Vol 39 (2009)

Welcome to Vol 39 of EJISDC. This is a regular volume of the journal with 7 papers. In the first paper, Khushbu Tilvawala, Michael Myers and Antonio Díaz Andrade from New Zealand report on the current state of information literacy in Kenya and its relationship with the impacts that ICT for Development projects can achieve. The authors analyse three ICT case studies in Kenya in the light of information literacy levels.

In the second paper, Luiz Antonia Joia and Carlos Magalhães from Brazil engage in a case study analysis of the unsuccessful implementation of an electronic prescription system in a Brazilian general hospital, focusing on the various sources of resistance to acceptance of the new system.

In the third paper, Mahesha Kapurubandara develops a framework to e-transform SMEs in developing countries. The author notes that there are many internal and external barriers that may hider this development and analyses these barriers through a pilot study and survey of SMEs in Sri Lanka.

In the fourth paper, Zoran Mitrovic and Andy Bytheway examine the issues associated with the establishment of SMEs in Cape Town, South Africa, in the context of e-Government, noting claims and counter-clains as to the efficacy of the relevant service providers.

In the fifth paper, Jittima Wongwuttiwat tests predictions made in the literature about the nature and structure of the IS profession over the next 5 years against the expectations of organizations operating in Thailand, with both practical and theoretical implications drawn.

In the sixth paper, Yibo Lin and Claire Heffernan detail the creation of an on-line Animal Health Resource Room designed to provide access to relevant information for livestock development practitioners in developing countries. Key issues in the dissemination of such a platform such as connectivity and speed are explored within the wider context of the development of the tool itself.

In the last paper, Salah Al-Fadhli examines consumer ethical decision making and social norms regarding software piracy in Kuwait, drawing on principles from the Islamic tradition.

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Information Literacy in Kenya PDF
Khushbu Tilvawala, Michael David Myers, Antonio Díaz Andrade # of downloads: 22271

Implementation of an Electronic Prescription System in a Brazilian General Hospital: Understanding Sources of Resistance PDF
Luiz Antonio Joia, Carlos Magalhães # of downloads: 5414

A Framework to e-Transform SMEs in Developing Countries PDF
Mahesha Kapurubandara # of downloads: 7510

Awareness of e-Government Related Small Business Development Services in Cape Town PDF
Zoran Mitrovic, Andy Bytheway # of downloads: 3397

The Nature and Structure of the Information Systems Profession in Thailand PDF
Jittima Kenneth Wongwuttiwat # of downloads: 3011

Addressing Animal Health Knowledge Gaps in Southern Countries: The Creation of a 2D Animal Health Resource Room PDF
Yibo Lin, Claire Heffernan # of downloads: 13592

The Ethical Dilemma of Software Piracy in Islamic Societies: The Case of Kuwait PDF
Salah Al-Fadhli # of downloads: 6208

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